Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags

el-mirage-7By Louren Sansregret 

I have been pretty fortunate over, recent years, to attend a number of different forms of motorsports events. Here in Alberta, it is possible to spectate at a wide variety of events, ranging from drag racing to drifting, sports car racing to rallying. However for years I have wanted to attend a land speed racing event and with no events anywhere near Western Canada, my dad his friend and I set off to Southern California. Continue reading “Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags”

Death Valley car testing – extreme heat testing of Jaguar F-Type

Two Land Rover test cars are prepared for a day of extreme heat in Death Valley.

By Dave S. Clark

Anybody who has ever been excited about the upcoming release of a new car knows what spy shots are. We’ve all seen them of cars being tested on the Nürgburgring or up north somewhere in the frozen arctic. Car manufacturers must test their new lines in the most extreme conditions, whether that is being abused on a demanding race track or being driven across a winter wasteland.  Continue reading “Death Valley car testing – extreme heat testing of Jaguar F-Type”