Volvo Museum an exciting mix of history and future

By Dave S. Clark

To me, Volvo and Sweden are synonymous so when my wife and I made a trip to Gothenburg, we had to visit the Volvo Museum.

Like most manufacturer’s museums, it’s very well put together and features a whole range of cars, starting out with the humble beginnings and ending with concepts of what the future of the marque holds. The Volvo Museum fit that bill perfectly.  Continue reading “Volvo Museum an exciting mix of history and future”

Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags

el-mirage-7By Louren Sansregret 

I have been pretty fortunate over, recent years, to attend a number of different forms of motorsports events. Here in Alberta, it is possible to spectate at a wide variety of events, ranging from drag racing to drifting, sports car racing to rallying. However for years I have wanted to attend a land speed racing event and with no events anywhere near Western Canada, my dad his friend and I set off to Southern California. Continue reading “Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags”

Speed Week on the beautiful Bonneville Salt Flats

bonneville-salt-flats-vintageBy Dave S. Clark

There are few places in the world of motorsports that are as legendary as the Bonneville Salt Flats. The massive bed of salt flats are home to some amazing land speed records and an incredible amount of motoring history.

For car lovers, motorcycle fans and even those who just get excited about engineering, it is a must-see destination.  Continue reading “Speed Week on the beautiful Bonneville Salt Flats”

From Sweden to France in an unfamiliar vintage Lotus


Dave S. Clark

When you’re on the market for rare classic car that only had a few thousand units ever made, the chances of finding one down the street from you is usually pretty slim. If you want a specific car or a specific variation of one and if it has to fit a certain budget, you may have look quite some distance away.

That was exactly the case for Philip Turle, a user at, who had been on the hunt for the perfect vintage Lotus Elan. Philip’s search led him to a dealer in Helsingborg, Sweden, just north of Malmö – about 1,300 km from his home in Paris. He was looking for a very specific car, a Series 3 in left-hand drive, which wasn’t the easiest to find in his neck of the woods. After looking locally and across the UK, he decided he had to widen his search. And that’s when he came across the 1967 S3 Elan DHC that would soon become his.  Continue reading “From Sweden to France in an unfamiliar vintage Lotus”

Behind the wheel of a Ferrari in Maranello


By Dave S. Clark

The sleepy Italian town of Maranello was forever changed in 1943, when Enzo Ferrari moved his automobile company in and built what would soon become the Ferrari factory.

Ever since then, the town, nestled between Modena and Bologna, has been the birthplace of every Ferrari car as well as the home of the company’s F1 operations. Although it’s kind of out of the way in the northern countryside, you’ll know the town when you see it. Yeah, it’s the one with bright red supercars driving around everywhere you look. Continue reading “Behind the wheel of a Ferrari in Maranello”

Get your kicks by getting out of Vegas

The historic Route 66 winds its way up to Oatman, AZ.
The historic Route 66 winds its way up to Oatman, AZ.

By Dave S. Clark

Bright lights giving you a migraine? Hoards of people making you claustrophobic? Trying to stay out of the casinos so you don’t go broke?

Whatever your reason is to get out of Las Vegas for a day, there’s an excellent road trip that will take you far away from everything that Sin City is known for. You’ll leave Vegas for the Hoover Dam, the historic Route 66 and a town stuck in time. It’s the making of a very memorable road trip. Continue reading “Get your kicks by getting out of Vegas”

The little known car collections of Belgium

 By Dave S. Clark

When people think of Belgium they are probably more likely to think of waffles than amazing car collections, but reader Koen De Beer knows of two collections that will change that perception.

Continue reading “The little known car collections of Belgium”

A pilgrimage to Italy’s supercars

Pagani's showroom is one of the stops on the Motorstars tour through Supercar Alley.
Pagani’s showroom is one of the stops on the Motorstars tour through Supercar Alley.

By Dave S. Clark

Nestled in the middle of the northern Italian countryside between the cities of Bologna and Modena are sleepy towns, wineries and farms. There are also the factories and museums of some legendary Italian auto manufacturers. Continue reading “A pilgrimage to Italy’s supercars”

A supercar sidetrip

The Ferrari Museum is just one of the many highlights of Supercar Alley in Northern Italy.

By Dave S. Clark

The stretch of land between Modena and Bologna is what many people call Supercar Alley, and for good reason. It is home to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and Ducati. And there are some great options for experiencing them all. Bologna isn’t on many people’s Italy agendas, even if they really love spaghetti Bolognese. But the best base for a day in Supercar Alley isn’t too far from other more popular Italian cities. Continue reading “A supercar sidetrip”