Muzej Vazduhoplovstva (Belgrade Aviation Museum) showcases aeronautic rarities, wreckages

By Dave S. Clark

If you’re flying in or out of Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport and have a strange curiosity with the odd, old and decrepit, or with aviation or architecture, you’ll be intrigued by the Belgrade Aviation Museum (Muzej Vazduhoplovstva), just steps away from the airport’s main terminal.

A few minutes walk from the departure’s lounge, sits the giant UFO-shaped monstrosity that houses the museum. The geodesic oddity is worth a look itself. As I mentioned in my post on communist architecture in New Belgrade, I have a fascination with these types of structures that many write off as gaudy. I was in awe of it. I wanted to live inside it. After taking in the bizarre shape of the museum itself, I spent a good 20 minutes walking around the grounds, admiring all of the aeronautic relics that are sprinkled around the building for the outdoor exhibit.  Continue reading “Muzej Vazduhoplovstva (Belgrade Aviation Museum) showcases aeronautic rarities, wreckages”

New Belgrade a utopia of communist architecture

By Dave S. Clark

Despite being born many miles away from communism and being too young too know anything about politics when many of the communist countries fell, I’ll be the first to admit I have a peculiar fascination with the ideology and the states who were ruled by it.

Part of that fascination is due to the years I spent as a journalist in Canada, where I was able to write about what I wanted to and criticize freely those who I felt should be criticized. It is hard for me to grasp living in a society that not only wouldn’t allow that but would punish someone for that. I often wondered what else was truly different under communism and what daily life was actually like. These interests played a part in my travels to Cuba, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and all of the former Yugoslav states except Slovenia.  Continue reading “New Belgrade a utopia of communist architecture”

Classic car spotting in the former Yugoslavia

By Dave S. Clark

Some countries have cars that are synonymous with each other – Porsche, BMW and Mercedes with Germany, Ferrari and Lamborghini with Italy, the Big Three with the USA and Yugo with Yugoslavia.

Having made two trips to the former Yugoslavia and seeing every former state except Slovenia, I’ve had ample time to spot many Yugos and other classics that have been able to stay on the road. If you enjoy classic car spotting like I do and are heading to the Balkans, you’ll be excited to know that Yugos won’t be the only vintage (or vintage looking) car you’ll see.

Here are the most common classics I spotted in the region:  Continue reading “Classic car spotting in the former Yugoslavia”