A fork in the Iceland Ring Road

Dave S. Clark

There’s a proverbial fork in the road – the Iceland Ring Road. Do you take the easier, flatter and longer route or do you take the rough, narrow, slightly more dangerous road that will get you there faster, but may not get you there at all?

Driving the ring road in Iceland’s East Fjords, I came to this exact predicament. My wife and I had left the beautiful south coast village of Höfn in the morning and wanted to reach the lunar-esque Mývatn area by the afternoon to get a head start on seeing the long list of geothermally-charged oddities the region is known for.

The drive that morning had been spectacular so far, the sun was almost shining, which was a welcomed sight from the grey days that had preceded. You couldn’t say it was sunny, but there was the odd break of warmth through the thinning clouds. As we drove right along the coast, it was hard not to stop every couple of minutes to get out and just admire the frigid North Atlantic waves crashing a few hundred feet straight below you.  Continue reading “A fork in the Iceland Ring Road”

St. Pierre et Miquelon: Road trip around a tiny island

By Dave S. Clark

If you aren’t an expert on North American geography, if you don’t have distinct memories of your Grade 6 Canadian geography class, or if you aren’t from the Canadian Maritimes, chances are, you’ve never heard of the tiny little islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon.

Luckily, I have a very distinct memory of my geography classes from 15 or so years ago, so I never forgot about this French overseas territory that is nestled within eyesight of Newfoundland.  Continue reading “St. Pierre et Miquelon: Road trip around a tiny island”

Top 10 reasons for an Iceland road trip!

By Dave S. Clark

1. Iceland’s Highway 1 is a ring road that circles the entire island. While it’s good to get off the ring road and explore a bit, this highway makes the country incredibly accessible and, if you plan it right, you won’t ever need to backtrack. Many of the major sights are located very close to the highway too, so they obviously picked a good route. Every Iceland road trip starts with the ring road!

It’s easy to get around Iceland, despite the fact the names on the signs but be a bit hard to pronounce. Photo by Miss Wanderlust.

2. If you’re sticking to the marked highways, it’s nearly impossible to get lost. Arm yourself with a good map and even a rookie driver will have no problem navigating. There are so few roads, it’s pretty hard to get it wrong. All the sights are very well marked, too. If you’re renting a car, say no to the GPS – you won’t need it! However, if you’re going off-roading at all, ignore this advice!  Continue reading “Top 10 reasons for an Iceland road trip!”

Stumbled across an incredible collection at Legendary Motorcar Company

Dave S. Clark

Driving down Southern Ontario’s 401 highway, en route to Cambridge for a business meeting in an econobox rental car, I stumbled upon something very cool and unexpected.

As I drove through the monotonous traffic on the busy freeway, I spotted a sign for Legendary Motorcar Company and an arrow pointing me to take the next exit. I had no idea what it was, but I had to stop. What I found was better than I could have imagined.  Continue reading “Stumbled across an incredible collection at Legendary Motorcar Company”

Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags

el-mirage-7By Louren Sansregret

I have been pretty fortunate over, recent years, to attend a number of different forms of motorsports events. Here in Alberta, it is possible to spectate at a wide variety of events, ranging from drag racing to drifting, sports car racing to rallying. However for years I have wanted to attend a land speed racing event and with no events anywhere near Western Canada, my dad his friend and I set off to Southern California. Continue reading “Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags”

Speed Week on the beautiful Bonneville Salt Flats

bonneville-salt-flats-vintageBy Dave S. Clark

There are few places in the world of motorsports that are as legendary as the Bonneville Salt Flats. The massive bed of salt flats are home to some amazing land speed records and an incredible amount of motoring history.

For car lovers, motorcycle fans and even those who just get excited about engineering, it is a must-see destination.  Continue reading “Speed Week on the beautiful Bonneville Salt Flats”

To the St. Lucia Pitons: A road trip the easy way

st-lucia-pitons-tourDave S. Clark

I’m an adventurous traveler and that means I like doing things my own way. Everything from planning trips and activities to actually doing the things we plan. Packaged up tours and set itineraries aren’t usually in my travel vocabulary.  Continue reading “To the St. Lucia Pitons: A road trip the easy way”

Death Valley car testing – extreme heat testing of Jaguar F-Type

Two Land Rover test cars are prepared for a day of extreme heat in Death Valley.

By Dave S. Clark

Anybody who has ever been excited about the upcoming release of a new car knows what spy shots are. We’ve all seen them of cars being tested on the Nürgburgring or up north somewhere in the frozen arctic. Car manufacturers must test their new lines in the most extreme conditions, whether that is being abused on a demanding race track or being driven across a winter wasteland.  Continue reading “Death Valley car testing – extreme heat testing of Jaguar F-Type”

One-on-one with the fabled Nürburgring

Our ride for the day was a bright, race-prepped BMW M3.
Our ride for the day was a bright, race-prepped BMW M3.

By Dave S. Clark

Catholics have the Vatican. Baseball fans have Yankee Stadium. Racing fans have the Nürburgring. This is the story of my first trip to the Holy Land.

Continue reading “One-on-one with the fabled Nürburgring”

Get your kicks by getting out of Vegas

The historic Route 66 winds its way up to Oatman, AZ.
The historic Route 66 winds its way up to Oatman, AZ.

By Dave S. Clark

Bright lights giving you a migraine? Hoards of people making you claustrophobic? Trying to stay out of the casinos so you don’t go broke?

Whatever your reason is to get out of Las Vegas for a day, there’s an excellent road trip that will take you far away from everything that Sin City is known for. You’ll leave Vegas for the Hoover Dam, the historic Route 66 and a town stuck in time. It’s the making of a very memorable road trip. Continue reading “Get your kicks by getting out of Vegas”