Car Guy Bike Build: Episode 3 – Rebuilding Honda CB450 Keihin carburetors

The previous owner of my ’72 Honda CB450 K5 said the carburetors were leaking and were in need of some work. So I yanked them off, gave them a good cleaning and rebuilt them with a kit from Dime City Cycles. Next up is cleaning the fuel tank!

Introducing Car Guy Bike Build: ’72 Honda CB450 project


By Dave S. Clark

A wise man once told me there are two ways to learn things. You can be taught or you can learn through experience. I think there are merits in both, but there is a value in learning by experiencing things for yourself that you just can’t get from reading, researching or being taught.

Although I have lots of experience with cars, I’ve never touched motorcycles even though they intrigued me. With the urge to learn, I decided to jump right in. I found the cheapest bike I could find, bought it, found an even cheaper parts bike for it and bought it too. With two non-running old bikes taking up space in my garage, I have to learn about them. Continue reading “Introducing Car Guy Bike Build: ’72 Honda CB450 project”

Alberta Adventure: Jasper in January is the perfect winter escape

By Dave S. Clark

When it comes to winter in Canada, there are two options. You can stay inside and hibernate for four to six months, only appearing to go to work or to get groceries, or you can bundle up, embrace the weather for what it is and enjoy the great opportunities the northern wintery world has to offer.

Usually, I do a little of both – hunkering down and staying indoors when the mercury drops really low, and lacing up the skates for the outdoor rink or going for the occasional snowboarding trip when the weather is bearable.

As an Edmontonian, I’m lucky to have an incredible winter escape in Jasper, which is just four hours west. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Jasper is a blessing in both the summer and winter for those with the outdoorsy or adventurous spirit.

If you plan on heading to Jasper in the winter, there probably isn’t a better time to do it than Jasper in January, an annual festival full of activities, which is celebrating its 27th year in 2016. I’ve lived in Edmonton for almost all of those 27 years, yet had never experienced the festival until this year. Continue reading “Alberta Adventure: Jasper in January is the perfect winter escape”

Muzej Vazduhoplovstva (Belgrade Aviation Museum) showcases aeronautic rarities, wreckages

By Dave S. Clark

If you’re flying in or out of Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport and have a strange curiosity with the odd, old and decrepit, or with aviation or architecture, you’ll be intrigued by the Belgrade Aviation Museum (Muzej Vazduhoplovstva), just steps away from the airport’s main terminal.

A few minutes walk from the departure’s lounge, sits the giant UFO-shaped monstrosity that houses the museum. The geodesic oddity is worth a look itself. As I mentioned in my post on communist architecture in New Belgrade, I have a fascination with these types of structures that many write off as gaudy. I was in awe of it. I wanted to live inside it. After taking in the bizarre shape of the museum itself, I spent a good 20 minutes walking around the grounds, admiring all of the aeronautic relics that are sprinkled around the building for the outdoor exhibit.  Continue reading “Muzej Vazduhoplovstva (Belgrade Aviation Museum) showcases aeronautic rarities, wreckages”

Boeing Factory Tour an up close look at mega plane construction

By Dave S. Clark

When any inquisitive person sees a giant plane like a Boeing 747, he or she starts thinking about how it works, how it is constructed and what giant facility is needed to build such a vehicle. Those inquisitive people will love what is in store for them at the Boeing Factory Tour in Everett, WA.

My wife (Miss Wanderlust) and I were spending an extended long weekend in Seattle and we decided to rent a car and head up to the Future of Flight Aviation Center about 25 miles north of Seattle in Everett to check out the factory, which according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the largest building by volume in the world. The centre is full of real airplane parts on display and interactive flight activities, but more importantly, it’s where you depart from for the Boeing Factory tours.  Continue reading “Boeing Factory Tour an up close look at mega plane construction”

Expedition to Lone Island in search of abandoned truck in Whiteshell Provincial Park

By Dave S. Clark

For many years, I’ve had a vague memory from my childhood of a 1950s truck, partially submerged in water in a swamp in a river in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada.

The memory was created one summer, 16 or 17 years ago, when my uncle, brother and a couple cousins came across the truck while trying to find a portage route from the river to another lake. However, the day of our expedition, I was accidently hit on the head with a paddle, which sliced my scalp open. So I wasn’t sure if the whole day was just something I dreamt up in a bout of post-head-trauma creativity or if it actually happened. I know we never found the passage we were looking for, but I always remembered the truck.  Continue reading “Expedition to Lone Island in search of abandoned truck in Whiteshell Provincial Park”

Solheimasandur plane wreck a glimpse into Hell

By Dave S. Clark

I have a strange fascination with the derelict, the wrecked or the nearly destroyed – whether it is a beautiful shipwreck in St. Pierre, the abandoned Cuban planes rotting at a unused airport in Grenada or the shell of a plane than crashed in Solheimasandur in southeast Iceland.

When I first saw photos of the plane crash in southeast Iceland, I knew I had to go there and see it for myself. It seemed so eerie and amazing the way the white wreck was juxtaposed on the black sand and how it was all masked in a dense fog.  Continue reading “Solheimasandur plane wreck a glimpse into Hell”

Volvo Museum an exciting mix of history and future

By Dave S. Clark

To me, Volvo and Sweden are synonymous so when my wife and I made a trip to Gothenburg, we had to visit the Volvo Museum.

Like most manufacturer’s museums, it’s very well put together and features a whole range of cars, starting out with the humble beginnings and ending with concepts of what the future of the marque holds. The Volvo Museum fit that bill perfectly.  Continue reading “Volvo Museum an exciting mix of history and future”