Breaking the stigma: Travel destinations that proved their bad reputations wrong

There are many destinations that have a bad reputation or stigma that they can’t seem to shake. These places get slammed by the travel media, bloggers and tourists who can’t get past the outdated, inaccurate or superficial criticisms. Not every destination is created equally, but I can always find qualities I like in every place that I visit. There have been many times when I’ve told people that I’m heading to a country, for example, Morocco, Bosnia or Cuba and people question why I would ever go there. They are dangerous, war zones or the food is terrible, they tell me.

Below is a collection of posts from travellers who have had positive experiences in destinations that have had a bad reputation over the years. One of them is about Istanbul and since this was written, the city has been a victim of a suicide bombing that killed 11 foreigners in Sultanahmet district. I visited Istanbul in 2014 and would do so again, despite the attack. So, while these stories are positive, remember that any place in the world has its own dangers and no traveller is immune to that. But with common sense and an open mind, most of the world can be experienced in safety.

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Insider tips for Laguna Seca and the Canadian Grand Prix

By Sonia Frieder

Can you identify a car by the sound of its engine? Do you know every turn of Laguna Seca by heart? Do you say Rosso Corsa, and Giallo Modena instead of red and yellow? As a kid, did you have posters of cars on your walls instead of bands?  If you must take your car in to get serviced, do you politely ask them to not to wash it? Are any of your pets named after famous race car drivers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on! Because you, my friend, are certifiably car crazy! Today we are going to be talking about two of our favorite topics: Cars and Travel!  Continue reading “Insider tips for Laguna Seca and the Canadian Grand Prix”

Trans-European camping road trip… in a vintage 1926 Bentley

Bentley-Vanden-Plas-camping-006Dave S. Clark

When one thinks about doing a camping trip of a life time – a 4100-km grand tour of Europe – they think long and hard about what type of car they should take on such a journey. They may think of taking a VW Westfalia or a Volvo wagon. Maybe even a small SUV. What doesn’t come to anyone’s mind is taking an antique Bentley.

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Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags

el-mirage-7By Louren Sansregret 

I have been pretty fortunate over, recent years, to attend a number of different forms of motorsports events. Here in Alberta, it is possible to spectate at a wide variety of events, ranging from drag racing to drifting, sports car racing to rallying. However for years I have wanted to attend a land speed racing event and with no events anywhere near Western Canada, my dad his friend and I set off to Southern California. Continue reading “Action-packed weekend at El Mirage and NHRA drags”

From Sweden to France in an unfamiliar vintage Lotus


Dave S. Clark

When you’re on the market for rare classic car that only had a few thousand units ever made, the chances of finding one down the street from you is usually pretty slim. If you want a specific car or a specific variation of one and if it has to fit a certain budget, you may have look quite some distance away.

That was exactly the case for Philip Turle, a user at, who had been on the hunt for the perfect vintage Lotus Elan. Philip’s search led him to a dealer in Helsingborg, Sweden, just north of Malmö – about 1,300 km from his home in Paris. He was looking for a very specific car, a Series 3 in left-hand drive, which wasn’t the easiest to find in his neck of the woods. After looking locally and across the UK, he decided he had to widen his search. And that’s when he came across the 1967 S3 Elan DHC that would soon become his.  Continue reading “From Sweden to France in an unfamiliar vintage Lotus”

The little known car collections of Belgium

 By Dave S. Clark

When people think of Belgium they are probably more likely to think of waffles than amazing car collections, but reader Koen De Beer knows of two collections that will change that perception.

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