Introducing Car Guy Bike Build: ’72 Honda CB450 project


By Dave S. Clark

A wise man once told me there are two ways to learn things. You can be taught or you can learn through experience. I think there are merits in both, but there is a value in learning by experiencing things for yourself that you just can’t get from reading, researching or being taught.

Although I have lots of experience with cars, I’ve never touched motorcycles even though they intrigued me. With the urge to learn, I decided to jump right in. I found the cheapest bike I could find, bought it, found an even cheaper parts bike for it and bought it too. With two non-running old bikes taking up space in my garage, I have to learn about them.

As an added element to this, I’d also love to learn how to properly shoot, edit and post videos. So I hope you’ll follow along with this project and join me on this educational journey!

Here are the first two videos in the series. More to come!

3 thoughts on “Introducing Car Guy Bike Build: ’72 Honda CB450 project”

  1. Good luck with your new project and great job with your first two videos! You should totally keep the sparkly, purple gas tank 😉

    PS. What app do you use for the fast-forwarding effect?

    1. Thanks Dianne! I’ll be keeping the purple tank until I get the bike up and running, but it’ll have to go eventually! I’m tracking down the original paint code.

      Fast forwarding effect? I’m just that efficient!

      (I did it in iMovie)

  2. Dave, I Enjoyed your videos. Your projects are always most interesting! It will be fun to see your progress. I too liked the flashy purple gas tank!!Lorise

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